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The Non-Jubilee List: Books to Dismantle Imperialism


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You may have seen a list of 70 books kicking about online, put together to commemorate the queen's jubilee. Amongst them are many beautiful books, and yet the sentiment...

Well, we see their 70 and give you 7! Fewer but wiser, fiercer and more relevant than any monarchy-sponsored list. Seven books to dismantle imperialism, and the inherited institutions that reproduce it.

On May 17th we'll be celebrating the publication of one of these books, the piercingly sharp and engaging Uncommon Wealth by Kojo Koram. With deep insight it uncovers the scandal of Britain’s disastrous treatment of independent countries after empire, showing how the decisions of decades past are contributing to the forces that are breaking Britain today.

Tickets for the launch of Uncommon Wealth, and more information about the book can be found HERE. Join us, and in the meantime, we hope that in this list you find some useful tools: down with the monarchy.

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