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Upcoming Events

Anissa Bouziane launches Dune Song
Anissa Bouziane
Wed, October 24
Colour Of Madness: on BAME mental health
Dr Samara Linton, Rianna Walcott
Thu, October 25
Afternoon spotlight on British Asian literature
Sheena Kalayil
Fri, October 26
James Connolly & Scotland: Shaun Harkin with Jim Slaven
Shaun Harkin, Jim Slaven
Fri, October 26
Scotland: Her Story
Rosemary Goring
Thu, November 1
Forgotten: Reclaiming our Radical Histories
Henry Bell, Maggie Craig & Nan Sloane
Thu, November 1
If I Survive: Legacy of abolitionist Frederick Douglass
Celeste-Marie Bernier
Fri, November 2
On Being: Voices From the Margins
Clare Bogen
Fri, November 2
Writing Independence
Don Paterson, Kathleen Jamie, Richard Drysdale
Fri, November 2
A L Kennedy : The Little Snake
A.L. Kennedy
Sat, November 3
Anti-Racism: Past, Present & Future
Smina Akhtar, Paula Akpan, Dalia Gebrial, Smina Akhtar
Sat, November 3
Can the left now speak clearly on climate change?
Matthew Crighton
Sat, November 3
Free Speech in a Post Truth Age
Yasmin Alibhai-Brown, Robert J Somynne
Sat, November 3
Movements & the Future of Progressive Politics
Hilary Wainwright, Mike Makin-Waite
Sat, November 3
Own Voices & Indie presses
Sabeena Akhtar, Lauren Nickodemus, Clare Bogen
Sat, November 3
Deport Deprive Extradite
Dr Nisha Kapoor
Sun, November 4
Liberation Movements & Solidarity Campaigns
Jim Slaven, Mike Small
Sun, November 4
Mother Country
Charlie Brinkhurst-Cuff, Sharmaine Lovegrove
Sun, November 4
Palestine: Celebrating a people, a culture, a place
Joudie Kalla, Ghazi Hussein
Sun, November 4
Revolting Prostitutes
Juno Mac, Molly Smith
Sun, November 4
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