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Read Think Act Ep. 7: How to Be a Revolutionary with C.A. Davids


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Our Read Think Act video series is back for 2022!

You may notice a slight tweak in that our videos are now, as a rule, much shorter. This is because we want them to be wee bites of inspiration and questioning that you can grab in between chunks of life.

To kick off the new season, we're delighted to feature author C.A. Davids speaking to us from Cape Town. Moving between a story of young resistance against apartheid, lives caught up in Mao's great leap forward, contemporary Shanghai and the international literary life of poet Langston Hughes, Davids' new novel How To Be a Revolutionary is both bold and immensely moving. It asks what true solidarity means, across time as well as space.

Here, the author talks about internationalism, solidarity and empathy!

Below you'll find some of the other titles mentioned in the interview. Make sure to check out previous episodes in the Read Think Act section of the website!

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