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Read, Think, Act Ep. 2 with Joe Mulhall: Journeys into the Global Far Right


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Welcome to #ReadThinkAct, a brand new author interview series at Lighthouse. It's been brewing for a while, and golly are we excited to share it with you.

Read Think Act are short videos which make the connections between books and activism explicit. In each episode, we meet an author and have a conversation about what brought them to an issue, where their book takes us, and what we can do to turn words into action in our communities.

In episode 2 we hear from historian and senior researcher at Hope not Hate Joe Mulhall. Joe talks to Jessica Gaitán Johannesson about his new book Drums in the Distance: Journeys into the Global Far Right, how anti-fascist activism is changing, the climate co-option of the far right, and the work needed in our communities.

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