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International Women's Day: Women and Seeking Refuge


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This International Women's Day we stand in solidarity with ALL women, especially those most affected by war and conflict, everywhere.

Women remain especially vulnerable in conflict zones the world over, and women's vulnerabilities, as well as our strengths, are as varied as we are. According to the UN, women and girls with disabilities are 2-3 times more likely to experience gender-based violence and exploitation. Trans women and non-binary people are also disproportionately at risk. 

We are, truly, a multiplicity.

To honour these stories, we've put together a list of books about the experience of war, of fleeing conflict or seeking refuge written by women. We've added in feminist thought on war and children's books that will make these issues accesible to younger readers. These are only a fraction of the voices needed.

We've said this before, but opening borders is more urgent than ever and a burning issue for International Women's Day. Oppose the Nationality and Borders Bill, stop deportations as a women's issue, as an issue or collective survival.

Let's celebrate them, let's read more of them. Let's get out there and welcome them.

We'll be donating 10% from the sales of all books below to the fearless, survivor led and campaigning organisation Freedom From Torture. If you have cash or time to spare, please do consider supporting Refuweegee, The Welcoming and Saheliya, who could all use a boost and will also point you in the direction of other ways to take action

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