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We've been thinking a lot about transformative justice lately, not least thanks to the stellar group of humans who make up the Spit it Out Project. When we begin to look behind the harmful, and so readily available, narratives of punishment and erasure that racial capitalism offers, we're invited to re-invent the foundations of care as collective, and to re-imagine ourselves as part of it.

Spit it Out festival takes place 16th - 25th June in Glasgow, Edinburgh and online, raising awareness of mental health, consent and transformative justice through art and creativity, and we're overjoyed to be in collaboration with the festival for its Edinburgh leg.

You'll find our book stall at Summerhall 23-25th June, where you can browse books by bright, generous minds dedicated to these very subjects (some of them are listed below!). On Sunday 25th June we also invite you to the bookshop garden, here on West Nicholson Street, for an afternoon of warm discussion and creative exploration among the leaves, in the company of bookshop pal and splendid thinker Dr Roxani Krystalli. Roxani, a feminist scholar and educator, interested in how people imagine and enact worlds in the wake of violence, will share her thoughts of Love, Care, Joy, and the Political, followed by discussion. We'll then come together for a zine/creative workshop. More info on the event can be found HERE.

One of the books we've been inspired by, in thinking about posibilities beyond the oppressive status-quo, is Meena Kandasamy's poetry collection 'Tomorrow Someone Will Arrest You'', a chronicle of wanting, art-making, and the practising of resistance and solidarity in the face of a hostile state. If you feel drawn to purchase the book on Sunday, it will be accompanied by the tote bag pictured on the left!

Make sure to check out the full program of Spit it Out festival. If you would like to/are able to make a donation for the project, please do book directly for Sunday's event through this page, or bring a wee donation on the day :)

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