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Clear-Eyed Tales of the Far Right


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This Friday, June 2nd, we dive into a topic as timely as it is chilling: fascist youth movements is Russia, and their importance for the continued invasion of Ukraine. Here to explore this recent history, and present reality, with us is Ian Garner, author of 'Z Generation: Into the Heart of Russia's Fascist  Youth'.

As we explore Ian's book, we necessarily draw connections to developments across the world, looking at oppressive ideologies in their local context, and as part of global movements. The Lighthouse team put our heads (and bookshelves) together to make the list below - mercilessly clear-eyed books that look at the developments many (with the privilege to look away) would rather not think about, and what we need to do to resist them, here and now.

Join us on Friday June 2nd for an evening full of essential insight. Tickets are available HERE.

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