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A people is more than the sum of its oppressions, invasions or suffering - make space for the whole humanity of the Afghan people - their beauty, joys and art, make time to support them in this critical time, both in Afghanistan, and as refugees.

Below are a number of 'next-steps', as ever we always recommend local stars Refuweegee and The Welcoming, and bookshop friend Bridget Chapman compiled EXCELLENT advice, as someone who works for a small charity, on how YOU can be most helpful. Please read this.

Sadhya Darr Immigration Policy Manager @OpenRightsGroup compliled the following list of steps we can all take to support Afghans right now:

  • If you have airline miles, you can donate them to refugees, asylees, asylum-seekers, and their immediate family members, who have legal approval to travel but cannot afford airfare through Miles4Migrants - who work with togethernow.org.uk in the UK.
  • Donate to @RukhshanaMedia, a journalist group staffed by Afghan women who are doing amazing reporting, through their crowdfunder HERE. and/or Sahar Speaks, which nurtures young women reporters.
  • Lobby your MP! Ask them to push for more safe and legal routes to the UK. Use this resource created by Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants
  • Donate to @ehtesabaf, an Afghan-based startup that keeps Kabul residents updated and informed about what’s going on by sending them security alerts - HERE.
  • Call for accountability and sanctions against actors who help bankroll the Taliban (and provide them with training and arms).

Make sure to follow and amplify the voices, work, and initiatives of Afghan activists, leaders, journalists, artists, and researchers - Bushra Ebadi and Sanaa Alima have been signposting on twitter:

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