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10 books on Palestine, by Palestinians


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As the academic Josh Ruebner recently observed, far too many book lists on the 'Israeli-Palestinian conflict' fail to include Palestinian writers. In a brilliant twitter thread you can read HERE he compiled a list of 10 books by Palestinian academics and we've taken the liberty of reproducing it below:

" 1. Nur Masalha's Palestine: A Four Thousand Year History is a beautifully researched and written account of the millennia-old reality of Palestine as a geo-political idea, and a rich cultural and religious history showcasing Palestine's diversity.

2. Rashid Khalidi's The Hundred Years' War on Palestine is a really excellent overview of the impact of Zionist settler-colonialism on the indigenous Palestinian people as told through the prism of his family's experiences.

3. Looking for more of a legal angle to understand the sui generis (unique, one-of-a-kind) Zionist settler-colonial constructs created to subjugate the Palestinian people? Then check out @4Noura's indispensable Justice for Some.

4. A classic account of the Palestinian right to self-determination. Edward Said's The Question of Palestine.

5. The consolidation of a distinct Palestinian national identity in the immediate aftermath of World War I is covered superbly by Muhammad Muslih in The Origins of Palestinian Nationalism.

6. Sherene Seikaly's Men of Capital is an exquisite account of Palestinian economic development under the very limiting constraints of the British Mandate.

7. Rosemary Esber's Under the Cover of War is one of the best researched and most vivid accounts of the Nakba and Israel's deliberate and systematic plan to dispossess the Palestinian people. {this book isn't currently available in the UK}

8. Rosemary Sayigh's classic The Palestinians: From Peasants to Revolutionaries is a seminal account of the experiences of Palestinian refugees and their dramatic sociological transformations after the Nakba.

9.Maha Nassar's Brothers Apart is a wonderful contribution toward understanding the profound cultural and political developments among Palestinian citizens of Israel despite the incredibly harsh military rule they lived under.

10. The daily brutality and indignities of Israeli military occupation excellently described by Saree Makdisiin Palestine Inside Out will leave you infuriated that the world hasn't stopped this outrage!"

Josh Ruebner is the author of Shattered Hopes and you'll find more of his scholarship HERE. For other books curated by the Lighthouse team do check out Noor's Palestine Solidarity reading, or these Stories from Palestine and you can rewatch our launch of Stranger in My Own Land HERE.

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