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What is trans liberation? A panel discussion presented by RTiE

Featured Speakers

this event will be streamed to the lighthouse Facebook page - come find us there!

Resisting Transphobia in Edinburgh (RtiE) presents its very first panel discussion: What is trans liberation?

Join us in person or online from 7pm on Friday 20 October to explore the meaning, history, and contemporary relevance of the fight for trans liberation.

We will be tackling questions like:

  • What is trans liberation? What's the difference between trans rights and trans liberation?
  • What's the history of trans liberation? Where does the idea come from? Who have been the key voices?
  • How does the project of trans liberation intersect with other struggles e.g. class, abolitionism, women's liberation?
  • What can we do right now to advance trans liberation? In Edinburgh / Scotland / UK / internationally?

Our speakers will share their perspectives and before opening the discussion to the audience.

Our speakers

The discussion will be chaired by Mairi Oliver (she/her) from Lighthouse Books and we are excited to be joined by the following speakers:

Leslie Cunningham (he/him) is a trans man based in Edinburgh. He is a member of the Unite Scotland LGBT+ committee and a national organiser for rs21 (revolutionary socialism in the 21st century. Rs21 has recently published the pamphlet "Fighting Transphobia: A practical and theoretical guide" (https://www.lighthousebookshop.com/book/9780000000011).

Tilly Dow (she/her) is an illustrator, musician, and local trans woman about town. She is an active organiser with the International Workers of the World (IWW) in the bar industry. Tilly is passionate about the power of intersectional organising and overcoming barriers to unionising. Read some of her work here: https://libcom.org/article/my-workplace-uniquely-bad-kind-disordered-thinking-every-organiser-will-encounter.

Dr Gina Gwenffrewi (she/her) is an interdisciplinary researcher, tutor and lecturer in trans studies, queer studies and English literature at the University of Edinburgh. As well as being an academic manager at SUISS, she lectures and publishes on trans issues relating to trans cultural production, media studies, and digital humanities.

Dr Nat Raha (she/her) is a poet and activist-scholar. Involved in queer and trans activism for over a decade, Nat organised with Edinburgh Action for Trans Health, Mutual Aid Trans Edinburgh (MATE), and Queer Resistance. She is also the author of four books of poetry.

Our stallholders

There will be time before and after the discussion to browse stalls and have a chat with one another!

Featured stallholders:

- RTiE

- RS21


- Edinburgh Anti Raids

- LGBT Health & Wellbeing


We want this event to be as accessible to as many people as possible. Tickets prices are set at £1 and some free tickets are also available. RTiE will be collecting donations towards venue hire and event insurance on the night: we ask that you consider making a contribution if (and only if) you are able.

About Resisting Transphobia in Edinburgh

Resisting Transphobia in Edinburgh (RTiE) is a grassroots umbrella group containing people from many organisations and none, taking action through different member-instigated projects that include education, protests, art, and more to bring about societal change, and to show solidarity and support to other marginalised groups.

RTiE got on the go in March 2023, on the basis that with the Tories blocking the GRR Bill we needed to find ways to push back.

Their projects include a zine on transphobia, participation in Pride events, and ongoing outreach efforts. They aim to raise awareness and foster unity within the trans community and beyond, uniting people against misinformation and hatred, and actively working to change society to create a safer future for all non binary and trans people.

Successful movements rely on a diversity of tactics.

Find out more at [https://rtie.org/]

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