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NeurodiVERSE: Poetry Night

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Kate Fox & contributors!

**Apologies for the terrible video, the Edinburgh wind took down our rig and we had to make last minute adjustment to phone!!*

Join us to celebrate a stunning collection of poetry about the neurodivergent experience by neurodivergent writers!

NeurodiVERSE provides a powerful and diverse representation, with positive, authentic and progressive portrayals, featuring over fifty contributors from the UK and across the world.

We're thrilled to welcome one of the editors, Kate Fox (The Oscillations) alongside contributors Finola Scott, Spencer Mason, Keeks Mc and Natalie Jayne Clark!

This new Flapjack collection includes eight specific sections with introductory notes about definitions, issues and societal perceptions, NeurodiVERSE is open to all who wish to learn about neurodiversity − and to all lovers of poetry.

It felt apt to host this tremendous anthology and its celebration of the richness, variety and talent among neurdivergent writers, on the birthday of Dr Dinah Murray who passed last year. Two of the editors of NeurodiVERSE have poems about Dinah, Janine Booth's HERE and Kate Fox's HERE . Among her many contributions, Dr Murray's work over three decades was pivotal to depathologising Autistic experience, and she is sorely missed.

We will send out a full list of speakers and event timings/running order to all attendees the day before the launch. If we can make any accomodations for guests to best enjoy the night, please don't hesitate to get in touch and let us know.

This event will take place in the bookshop garden, so please dress warmly!

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