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Blueberries: fearless feminist writing with Ellena Savage

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Ellena Savage, hosted by Christina Neuwirth

*Ticket booking has closed but the event will be LIVE right HERE, the video will appear in the image banner above, and over on our Youtube channel.*

Ellena Savage's essays traverse cities and spaces, bodies and histories, moving through forms and modes to find a closer kind of truth. Blueberries is ripe with acid, promise, and sweetness. Join us for an intimate (virtual) conversation around a collection that truly packs a punch.

Blueberries feels like laying down on the train tracks and looking up at the sky ― a reverie, shot through by a feeling of acceleration, of something vast coming at you. Ellena’s essays are heartstopping epics of self-inquiry and world-inquiry.’ – Maria Tumarkin, author of Axiomatic

In Portuguese police stations and Portland college campuses, in suburban Melbourne libraries and wintry Berlin apartments, Savage shows bodies in pain and in love, bodies at work and at rest. She circles back to scenes of crimes or near-crimes, to lovers or near-lovers, to turn over the stones, re-read the paperwork, check the deeds, approach from another angle altogether.

‘Ellena Savage is a rare kind of true intellectual, a voice that rises above the cacophony with remarkable insight. In Blueberries she cuts fearless swathes through the ways that we write and think and live now and leaves us far better for it: the book is unsettling, life-affirming and essential.’ - Jean Hannah Edelstein, author of This Really Isn’t About You

Our speaker: Ellena Savage is an Australian author and academic. She is the author of the chapbook Yellow City (The Atlas Review, 2019) and numerous essays, stories, and poems published in literary journals internationally. Ellena is the recipient of several grants and fellowships, including most recently the Marten Bequest Travelling Scholarship 2019–2021. She lives in Athens, Greece, with her husband, Dominic Amerena.

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