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At Least This I Know: A pride month poetry launch with Andrés N. Ordorica

09.02.22 : 19:00 - 20:30
Assembly Roxy, 2 Roxburgh Place, Edinburgh EH8 9SU
image for event: At Least This I Know: A pride month poetry launch with Andrés N. Ordorica

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Featured Speakers

Andrés N. Ordorica, Etzali Hernández & Carl Alexandersson

ni de aqui, ni de alla: It starts neither here nor there, a liminal space between two states of being.

A life captured within his lines, At Least This I Know guides the reader through Andrés N. Ordorica's own story, of ancestry, nationhood, activism and queerness, through childhood photographs, across international highways, to tales of love and loss, and beyond.

Join us un celebrating this arresting poetry debut from one of Scotland's great emerging talents - Andrés is joined by writer friends including Etzali Hernández and Carl Alexandersson for an evening of readings, discussion and perfomance.

"Tender and beautiful, rooted in vulnerability and power"- Salena Godden

Andrés explores belonging in both the physical sense and emotional, be it the belonging of immigrant bodies in new countries, or that of the queer self within found families and safe spaces. Navigating his family origin and personal journey to belonging, from Mexico, the USA, to Scotland, it's a story to be welcomed into, one that flows from the page and envelops you.

“Vivid, humane, caustic, brittle and witty” - Jenni Fagan, Luckenbooth

Etzali Hernández (They/them) is a nonbinary latinx queer fierce femme poet, coder, DJ, No Borders organiser, and social justice trainer. Their work has been published in Ascend Magazine, We Were Always Here: A Queer Words Anthology, and Ceremony (Scottish BAME Writers Network). Etzali's first poetry pamphlet ‘from murky waters, we rise' is forthcoming from Forest Publications.

Website: www.panditita.uk

Carl Alexandersson (he/him) is a queer spoken word poet and writer, based in Edinburgh. He was selected for the BBC Words First programme in 2021 and awarded the UniSlam Slambassadors Award in 2020. His work has been published in the winnow, Ink Sweat & Tears, Impossible Archetype, and more.

Twitter: @CarlAlex97

Instagram: @caarlalexandersson

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