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*please note the later start time is 7.30pm! Unexpected flight/travel issues have us pushing things back a touch to make sure Gregor can be with us!*

Inequality and unfairness still stalk Scotland after more than twenty years of devolution. Having done little to shield against austerity, Brexit and an increasingly right-wing Westminster agenda, calls for further constitutional reform to solve pressing political, economic and social problems grow ever louder. The debate over further devolution or independence continues to split the population. In A New Scotland, leading activists and academics lay out their blueprints for radical reform, showing how society can be transformed by embedding values of democracy, social justice and environmental sustainability into a coherent set of policy ideas.

At Lighthouse we're constantly seeking out those books that open new doors and make new connections for people. As important as it is to reckon with history or to diagnose the issues of today, we really need more books and spaces that create opportunities for expansive conversations around what is possible and that foster bold visions of the future. This is such a book.

Each reader is likely to connect with the essays in different ways, bring their own insights and experience to topics as varied as homelessness, healthcare, culture, migration, precarious work, disability and environmental justice - to name but a few. Join us for the Edinburgh launch when we'll hear from the editor Gregor Gall along with contributors!

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