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Cover for: When Other People Saw Us, They Saw the Dead

When Other People Saw Us, They Saw the Dead

Davila, Lauren T. More by this author...£9.99
  • Fiction
  • LGBTQ+
  • Sci-Fi, Fantasy & Horror
  • Writers of colour

A faceless man stalks a woman’s nightmares in Hollywood. A Kanontsistóntie is summoned to seek revenge in a monastery. A move from the projects to Manhattan leads to ominous shadows closing in. Two sisters discover a secret room in their farm, unearthing a sinister power.

When Other People Saw Us, They Saw the Dead is an anthology of dark, unsettling writing from some of the most exciting contemporary BIPOC writers. Blending Gothic, horror, folklore, fantasy and fairy-tale, these eerie short stories will disturb, move and humour you. Death is ever-present in the pages of They Saw the Dead, blending with notions of home, memory, grief and belonging, as well as gentrification, white supremacy and colonisation.

Edited by Lauren T. Davila, They Saw the Dead explores what it is to be truly haunted.

Contributors: Nisha Addleman, Angela Burgos, Aliya Chaudhry, D. C. Dador, Lauren T. Davila, Margaret Elysia Garcia, Emily Hoang, Adaline Jacques, C. M. Leyva, Danny Lore, Adam Ma, Lauren McEwen, Michelle Mellon, Gerardo J. Mercado, A. M. Perez, Desiree Rodriguez, Marwa Sarraj, Shakira Savage, L. C. Starr, Amiah Taylor, Alicia Thompson, S. M. Uddin, Anuja Varghese, and jonah wu.

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