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Cover for: Every Version Ends in Death

Every Version Ends in Death

Aliya Chaudhry More by this author...£12.00

Laana returns to her small hometown following the death of her grandmother and becomes obsessed with the local ghost story of Carolyn Hayward. Who was she? Why does every reference or local memory of her give conflicting information about her life, work, and the circumstances of her death?

Laana’s research takes her on a whirlwind journey through her hometown’s history and reconnects her with old friends, prompting her to reflect on her own story and the ways she was and wasn’t there for those in her life.

Deliciously Gothic and fiercely feminist, Every Version Ends in Death is an anti-ghost story that forces us to reflect on grief, memory, death, hauntings, and ultimately how women’s stories are told.

Cover design by Caroline Devereaux.

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