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Cover for: and the girl called to the moon 'What is Love?'

and the girl called to the moon 'What is Love?'

Matt Hopwood More by this author...£9.99

A wisdom tale, a little big story. A story for adults and young people alike. A story of re-membering, of belonging, of love: of coming into right relationship with the earth, the moon, with 'all that is'.

This is a book that calls for a radical activism of the heart, a heart that sits in relation to all things - that seeks balance, honouring, freedom and liberation for all. Only such a heart can rise to this moment, visioning and initiating the change that is needed to bring life.

A Fable in novella form, in the spirit of The Little prince & Jonathan Livingston Seagull, with beautiful illustrations by Florence Boyd.

Matt hopwood

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