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Cover for: A Graphic Guide to Art Therapy

A Graphic Guide to Art Therapy

Huxtable, Amy E., Schmanke, Libby, Bordonaro, Gaelynn P. Wolf More by this author...£16.99

What are the core concepts of art therapy? What can you learn from a drawing of a bird's nest, a collage or some scribbles? Why become an art therapist and how do you do it? What happens in the therapy room?In the style of a graphic novel, A Graphic Guide to Art Therapy answers these questions and more. Art therapy and its key concepts, theory and practice are introduced through illustrations and text. Beginning with an overview of art therapy as both a practice and a career, it shows the routes to becoming an art therapist and what the role entails.

The essential approaches, frameworks, techniques and assessment styles of art therapy are visualised and discussed, making this book the perfect companion on your journey as an art therapist.

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