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Forest School Activity Cards : 48 Fun Things to Do Outdoors

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This is the first-ever Forest School-themed activity card deck, offering 48 games, crafts and skill-building activities to enjoy outdoors. Aimed at parents, carers, teachers and Forest School group leaders, this is a uniquely handy reference tool to tuck into a pocket and take out into the woods to inspire outdoor fun. It complements Jane Worroll & Peter Houghton's two previous books (Play the Forest School Way and A Year of Forest School), containing activities from those books in abbreviated form.

The cards are grouped into four "suits", each with 12 cards: Team Games (fun, high-energy games to play together); Survival Skills (working together to build dens, make fires, gather wild food and cook it); Nature Spotlight (exploring the natural world in more detail); and Forest Craft (woodland-themed makes). A booklet explains how to use the deck: forest school leaders or parents can get kids involved in leading the play (flicking through the cards and choosing an activity) and the suits will also help adults in considering how a session might be structured (with the kids getting final say looking at the cards). The booklet also gives notes on safety, the Forest School ethos, basic kit and other key need-to-knows.

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