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Cover for: True Trans Bike Rebel : Taking the Lane #15

True Trans Bike Rebel : Taking the Lane #15

Blue, Elly, Rogue, Lydia More by this author...£8.99Paperback

True Trans Bike Rebel is the fifteenth issue of Taking the Lane feminist bike zine. This issue is guest edited by Lydia Rogue and is dedicated to transgender and nonbinary folks talking about the power of bicycling in their lives. What's inside? A woman sets off on a long-distance tour across the desert, where she finds the courage she needs to continue back at home The executive director of a major advocacy organization walks us through his coming-out process and the precedent it set A young person survives hardships at school to find solace and identity in nature Contemplating the parallels of building a bicycle and crafting a body Who is this zine for? What's it about? If you're interested in bicycling and feminism, this zine is for you, no matter what your gender! Taking the Lane has always explored gender and bicycling and been a home for trans and nonbinary voices, but when people talk about it, the presupposition is often that it's for and by women. But one of the goals of the zine has always been to break down gender norms and the power structures and barriers that go with them, and a big part of that is questioning the fixed idea of gender itself. This issue brings that mission to the forefront, while containing super excellent and compelling personal essays from writers worth listening to. Enjoy! By the way, the title was inspired by the amazing song True Trans Soul Rebel by Laura Jane Grace from the Against Me album Transgender Dysphoria Blues.

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