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Nothing Belongs to You

Appanah, Nathacha More by this author...£12.00Translated by Zuckerman, Jeffrey

    Translated by Jeffrey Zuckerman

    It's not only grief and loneliness that have tormented Tara since her husband's death. In her, something rises and crests like a wave. As she sits in squalor in a house that once knew love, she hears the deafening cry of a past she thought was stifled and the resurgence of the person she had been before.

    A girl with another name, who loved to laugh and dance, who believed in the innocence of childhood until she was overtaken by her country's demons. With her characteristic lyricism and precision, Nathacha Appanah offers us total immersion into a world of lost futures and hidden pasts, in which the implacable hand of fate can only be resisted at a price. Translated from the French by Jeffrey Zuckerman

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