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Cover for: The Slowest Burn

The Slowest Burn

Sarah Chamberlain More by this author...£9.99Out 24 Sep 2024

Please note this title will be released in September 2024 – but you can pre-order it with Lighthouse today!

Take one chef and one ghostwriter. Place in a too-small kitchen, then add one fake relationship, several meddling relatives, a feline escape artist, and lots of delicious meals. It could be a recipe for disaster, or it could be the best thing they've ever cooked up...

Kieran O'Neill should be on top of the world. He's just won a cooking reality TV show, he's on track to open his own restaurant before he turns thirty, and he's even got a high-paying cookbook deal. Still he can't impress his stuck-up family, his ADHD makes planning ahead impossible and, worst of all, his ghostwriter is the most uptight, humourless woman he's ever met. But to be seen as a serious chef like he's always wanted, he needs to finish this book...

Ellie Wasserman is barely holding it together. She's a thirty-year-old widow living with her needy in-laws, her little brother won't adult without her help, and instead of working on her own cookbook, she's ghostwriting one for the chaotic, impulsive Kieran O'Neill. Or would be, if he'd ever answer her emails. But to own her own home like she's always dreamed of, she needs to finish this book... As their deadline gets closer and the heat between them builds, can these two driven, lonely people let go of their past hurts and make something truly sweet together? Or will their fragile new love go up in smoke?

The ultimate will-they-won't-they romance that readers everywhere are falling in love with! If you love THE SPANISH LOVE DECEPTION, WILDFIRE and Ali Hazelwood, you will love THE SLOWEST BURN . . .

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