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Lesley McDowell More by this author...£18.9929 Feb 2024
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  • Historical Fiction

Claire Clairmont – the incredible woman that history tried to forget.

But in the year that will mark the 200 year anniversary of Lord Byron's death, Claire will finally find her voice, and tell her side of the story of that fateful Geneva trip...

1816. A massive volcanic eruption has caused the worst storms that Europe has seen in decades, yet Percy and Mary Shelley have chosen to visit the infamous Lord Byron at his villa on Lake Geneva. It wasn't their idea: Mary's eighteen year old step-sister, Claire Clairmont, insisted.

But the reason for Claire's visit is more pressing than a summer escape with the most famous writers in the world. She's pregnant with Byron's child - a child Byron doesn't want, and scarcely believes is his own. Claire has the world in her grasp.

This trip should have given her everything she ever dreamed of. But within days, her life will be in ruins. History has all but forgotten her story - but she will not be silenced.

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