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Cover for: Arab Masculinities : Anthropological Reconceptions in Precarious Times

Arab Masculinities : Anthropological Reconceptions in Precarious Times

Isidoros, Konstantina, Inhorn, Marcia C., Kartveit, Bard Helge, Furniss, Jamie, Ilahiane, Hsain, Ell More by this author...£22.99

Arab Masculinities provides a groundbreaking analysis of Arab men's lives in the precarious aftermath of the 2011 Arab uprisings. It challenges received wisdoms and entrenched stereotypes about Arab men, offering new understandings of rujula, or masculinity, across the Middle East and North Africa. The 10 individual chapters of the book foreground the voices and stories of Arab men as they face economic precarity, forced displacement, and new challenges to marriage and family life.

Rich in ethnographic details, they illuminate how men develop alternative strategies of affective labor, how they attempt to care for themselves and their families within their local moral worlds, and what it means to be a good son, husband, father, and community member. Arab Masculinities sheds light on the most private spaces of Arab men's lives--offering stories that rarely enter the public realm. It is a pioneering volume that reflects the urgent need for new anthropological scholarship on men and masculinities in a changing Middle East.

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