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Cover for: Things Bright and Beautiful

Things Bright and Beautiful

Salam, Anbara More by this author...£8.99

'A claustrophobic compelling read that'll suck you into its heart of darkness' Independent Advent Island in the South Pacific, with its coconut palms and thick green jungle, should be Eden for missionary Max and his young wife Bea. But plagues of insects and rats, sweltering heat and local 'devil chasers' soon turn paradise into hell on earth. Just as Bea begins to adapt to island life, an unexpected guest arrives and Advent Island turns against its would-be saviors. Trapped in the jungle with her increasingly unhinged husband, Bea must fight tooth-and-nail for her freedom, and for her life. 'Lyrical, suspenseful, darkly comic' Observer 'Excellent, blackly funny. A novel whose growing environmental and psychological horrors you can feel crawling across your skin' Daily Mail

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