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Out of Touch

- Haleh Agar

( Hardback )

A brilliant meditation on the bonds of kinship. Agar delivers this potent, intricate tale with scalpel like precision and tenderness. I love the way Haleh Agar writes about family and cities and parenthood and sex. Ava and Michael felt completely honest to me, finally a story about siblings I believed! Their fractured relationship really touched me and I think lots of people will relate to it - Luan Goldie, author of Nightingale Point

A man hit Ava with his car, a few miles from her bungalow. He brings her flowers in hospital, and offers to do her laundry. He also brings her the letter she dropped that night on the road.

In New York, Ava’s brother Michael receives the same letter. He thinks about it as he steps out of the shower into his curtainless bedroom. A naked woman stares at him from the apartment across. They both laugh and cover up with their arms.

Brother and sister cannot avoid the letter: their estranged father is dying and wants to meet. Can they forgive their father, and face each other after all these years apart? Will new unexpected friends offer the advice and comfort they need?

*I devoured this brilliant book - it’s so wise and astute on families, relationships and the strange ties that bind us. I loved it. Out of Touch is a deftly intimate, touching story with crisp prose. In this engaging debut, Agar introduces complex characters and their often painful and always moving pursuit for closure, family, belonging, love, and a place to call home. * - Yvonne Battle-Felton, author of Remembered