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image for event: OTHER FRUIT LGBTQ BOOKCLUB: Sterling Karat Gold

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This bookclub will take place online- we email the link to the event a couple of hours before we start :)

The Other Fruit Bookclub is run by Lindsay and centers LGBTQ+ books, authors and readers! All are welcome to attend and take part in our discussions, however we ask that if you do not identify at LGBTQ+ you approach the book club as an opportunity for listening and support and give precedence to others in discussion.


Aspiring writer Sterling is arrested one morning, without having done anything wrong. Plunged into a terrifying and nonsensical world, Sterling - with the help of their three best friends - must defy bullfighters, football legends, spaceships, and Google Earth tourists in order to exonerate themselves and to hold the powers that be to account. Sterling Karat Gold is Kafka's The Trial written for the era of gaslighting, a surreal inquiry into the very real effects of state violence and coercion on gender-nonconforming, working-class, and Black bodies.


Readers don’t have to buy the book club book from the shop, however we do rely on those book sales to be able to keep the even free, to pay our booksellers for their time prepping & running book clubs and to keep the lights on.

Please do NOT buy your books from Am*z*on (including their kindles!), if you cannot afford the book then PLEASE use our pay-it-forward fund (the code is SOLIDARITY-BOOK-LOVE at checkout) or support your local library.

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