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Precarious Spectatorship: Theatre in an Age of Emergencies

Tuesday, Feb 18 2020
19:30 - 20:30
Sam Haddow
location: The Bookshop

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We’re thrilled to welcome Sam Haddow to the bookshop for a fascinating discussion of spectatorship in the modern era.

About this Event

Precarious Spectatorship is a new book exploring the experience of the spectator in a time of perpetual states of emergency. Using examples ranging from Islamic State murder propaganda to the live streaming of suicide, from representations of the refugee crisis to the campaign strategies of President Donald Trump, it argues that the position of the spectator is under siege.

Our daily saturation with the images relating to these and other situations – images often used by those in power to suspend the criteria of everyday life – puts us in a precarious situation where we are often unable to locate ourselves in relation to the world around us. This book both explores that precarity, and uses examples from live performance to suggest some ways in which it might be challenged.

To unpack the book, we have author Sam Haddow in conversation with his colleague Anindya Raychaudhuri.

We’ll be complimenting the talk with refreshments, so do come a little early if you’re up for that!



Sam Haddow is a lecturer in modern and contemporary drama at the University of St Andrews. His research considers the performed qualities of extremities of human experience such as riot, remembrance, grief and apocalypse. Precarious Spectatorship is his first book. He also occasionally runs the Stage Blether podcast.

Anindya Raychaudhuri is a senior lecturer in English literature at the University of St Andrews. His research focuses on British Asian literature and culture and on the representation and memory of war and conflict. He is interested in how and why individuals remember their past and the uses to which these memories are put in the present. With his colleague Hannah Fitzpatrick, he runs the State of the Theory podcast.


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