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Our Common Home: A Green New Deal for Scotland

Wednesday, Feb 12 2020
19:30 - 21:00
Robin McAlpine
location: The Bookshop

Common Weal discusses their Green New Deal - The greatest crisis of our generation is also our greatest opportunity.

Our planet is burning. Temperatures are soaring. We’re up to our knees in rubbish. We’re choking on our own pollution. Our ecosystem is dying. We’re watching the very richest amongst us are literally pouring fuel onto the fire and some of them – some of the most powerful “leaders” in the world – are actively denying that climate change is even happening and are actively shutting down the means to protect ourselves from it.

In response to those who declare themselves powerless and everything fucked & in retort to those who claim Scotland lacks the tools to do everything and therefore it’s not worth doing anything - Common Weal has crafted a Green New Deal for Scotland: The Common Home.

The Common Home Plan offers a comprehensive and costed Green New Deal for Scotland. It is a full package of measures to avert all the environmental crises Scotland faces and to ensure that life in Scotland doesn’t impact negatively on the wider planet. It explains what has to be done, what it will cost, how we pay for it and what kind of society we will achieve once we complete it.

Join us for the Edinburgh launch of The Common Home & a discussion of the Common Weal blueprint to fight the climate crisis.


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