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James Kelman: The Freedom to Think Kurdistan

Tuesday, Dec 10 2019
18:30 - 20:00
James Kelman
location: Lighthouse - Edinburgh’s Radical Bookshop 43-45 West Nicolson Street Edinburgh EH8 9DB

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Launching James Kelman’s new book The Freedom To Think Kurdistan!

We’re thrilled to be working with Glasgow based indie press Thi Wurd to launch The Freedom to Think Kurdistan a new book from celebrated author & lifelong activist James Kelman! This event will start with a signing at 6:30 followed by a talk at 7.

Kelman has been a vocal supporter of the Kurdish people & campaigns regularly with Scottish Solidarity with Kurdistan.

The Freedom to Think Kurdistan is about the Kurdish people’s political and historical struggle for survival and justice. The book contains Kelman’s thoughts on the subject, written over a number of years, from the 1990s to 2018. Kelman sets out to provide an introduction to the historical background for those readers who might be new to the topic.

Kurdish people have suffered oppression in each of the states that Kurdistan was divided between. In Iraq, Iran, Syria and Turkey they have, to varying degrees, been denied the right to citizenship, the use of their language in schools and workplaces, and even to identify as Kurds. Attempts to challenge these injustices have been met with violence, arrests, torture and deaths.

However the Kurds have protested again and again for their human, civil and national rights.

James Kelman is a Scottish novelist, short story writer, playwright and essayist, whose many literary awards include the Booker & James Tait Black prizes.


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