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Frontlines: Stories of Global Environmental Justice

Friday, Dec 06 2019
19:00 - 20:30
Nick Meynen
location: Lighthouse

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It is now commonly accepted that our ecosystems are under sustained attack. Nick Meynen reveals the economic system and political ideology destroying life on earth, but finds causes for hope in unconventional places.

‘This book harnesses the power of lived experience to bring our most urgent, high-stakes policy debates to life, and it deserves a wide international audience.’ - Naomi Klein, author of The Shock Doctrine and This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. the Climate

Prosperity is about our ability to live well on a finite planet. It’s a task that has as much to do with story as it does with numbers and policies. Nick Meynen recognizes this essential truth.

With the colorful insight of the poet and the dogged persistence of the investigative journalist, he recounts the day-to-day struggles and the extraordinary courage of ordinary people around the world as they engage in the fight for social and environmental justice. ‘ - Tim Jackson, author of Prosperity without Growth


** Nick Meynen** is a professional environmental activist. He works part time for the largest federation of environmental citizens organisations as a policy officer for economic and environmental justice. His writing ranges from peer-reviewed and investigative journalism to poetry and literary non-fiction. His 2010 book on globalization as seen from Nepal, published in Dutch, is a key reference work. Meynen gives media training to political ecologists and ecological economists, and acts as spokesperson for the EnvJustice network. Meynen lives in Leuven, Belgium. “Frontlines. Stories of Global Environmental Justice” is the translated and update version of his third and Dutch language book.


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