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Injustice & the state

Saturday, Nov 16 2019
13:30 - 14:30
Aviah Sarah Day, Carl Cattermole
location: Assembly Roxy

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**Prisons loom large on the edges of our society, but what if we were better off without them? In this panel we ask: what really is justice? **

Prisons have long become an integral but overlooked part of our society’s fabric, the end point of a criminal justice system that has been proven to be flawed in many ways.

With prisons and criminal sentences having proven connection to the criminalisation of communities, racism and poverty, we have to ask if this really is “justice”.

Our speakers will discuss everything from criminalisation to justice, punishment, and prison abolition!

Our speakers:

Aviah Sarah Day is a member of the East End branch of Sisters Uncut – a national, feminist direct action group fighting cuts to domestic violence services.She has recently completed her her PhD titled “Partnership and Power: Domestic Violence, the Women’s Sector and the Criminal Justice System”. She also has several years worth of experience in a range of front line domestic violence services. Aviah is currently researching and campaigning against the increased criminalization of survivors of domestic violence.

Carl Cattermole is a an award winning journalist, activist and author of the cult guide to UK prisons, now published by Penguin.

More speaker bios to follow!

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