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Be My Guest : On home, hospitality & community

Sunday, Nov 17 2019
12:00 - 14:30
Priya Basil, Eric Ngalle, Chantal Mrimi and Pinar Aksu.
location: Assembly Roxy

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A meal, among friends old and new - four writers working with refugee & marginalized communities reflect on home & hospitality.

Maybe food really is the simplest way for people anywhere to share with each other. Eating is the one universal, daily activity that underpins human life. However much or little we think about it, food is a force – and shared its power may be amplified.” - Priya Basil

You are cordially invited to join the Lighthouse team and four terrific writers for a meal around which we’ll be exploring ideas of home, community, place & displacement!

At 12pm we open with a conversation between Eric Ngalle, Chantal Mrimi and Pinar Aksu.

Eric Ngalle Charles is a poet, author, playwright and founder of Black Entertainment Wales - Eric works with other refugees to platform their experiences, along with running creative writing workshops based on literature in trauma. Chantal Mrimi is a Fife based author and community activist. Her book, ‘The Journey of My Life From Rwanda’ has been acclaimed for its honest portrayal of her experience as a refugee. Eric and Chantal are joined by Pinar Aksu, Development Officer at Maryhill Integration Network, a charity bringing refugee, migrant and local communities together through art, social and educational groups. Among many other initiatives, Pinar runs Knit for Unity, a knitting group who donate ‘warm things for those who need them’, and Family Nest Group, activities and English conversation practice for resettled Syrians.

At 1pm we’ll dishing up a hearty lunch before gathering back round at 1.30pm to hear from Priya Basil, who’ll be discussing the book which inspired our gathering: Be My Guest.

We live in a world where some have too much and others not enough, where immigrants and refugees are both welcomed and vilified, and where most of us spend less and less time cooking and eating together. Basil invites us to explore the meaning and limits of hospitality today, and in doing so makes a passionate plea for the kinder, more welcoming realisation that we have more in common than divides us.

Priya Basil is a novelist and essay-writer whose work has been nominated for the Commonwealth Writers’ Prize, the Dylan Thomas Prize and the International IMPAC Dublin Literary Award. She is the co-founder of Authors for Peace, a political platform for writers and artists.

This event will be chaired by Nuzha Nuseibeh, a British-Palestinian writer and PhD student at Oxford University, specializing in the sociology of education.

The event will be followed by a book signing,a light desert and a chance to discuss topics covered before Maya Goodfellow’s event Scapegoat: The Hostile Environment.

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