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Northern Ireland & the democratic deficit

Saturday, Nov 16 2019
15:00 - 16:00
Paul Stewart, Patricia Campbell, and Tommy Mckearney
location: Assembly Roxy

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The Brexit crisis has brought Northern Ireland back into mainstream political debate -we look past headlines at a wider political landscape.

About this Event

Since the signing of the Good Friday Agreement in 1998, the image projected of Northern Ireland in the mainstream media is frequently that of a newly prosperous, modern, post-conflict society – a rare example of a successful peace process. Promoted as a great place to live and work, the garden seemed to be getting rosier by the day, that is, until the Stormont Assembly collapsed in 2017.

**Just over 20 years since the GFA, we gather speakers - including Paul Stewart, Patricia Campbell, and Tommy Mckearney - who contributed to the newly published State of Northern Ireland and the Democratic Deficit. **

They suggest that the seeds of recent problems were sown in the 1998 agreement. The fiasco of a Renewable Heating Incentive that overpaid participants, the lingering whiff of corruption, communities in crisis and growing poverty are all symptoms of the inherent failings of the supposed settlement.

They’ll argue that neoliberalism and the GFA have led to a profound democratic deficit. They focus on the nature of the North’s new sectarian political class, the labour movement, the plight of precarious and migrant workers, and the undermining of third sector autonomy. Behind the latter is the continuing suffering within communities still impacted by the long period of armed conflict and the evolution of republicanism and Unionism-Loyalism.

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