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Art of Resistance: Creative Responses to Patriarchy

Saturday, Nov 16 2019
12:00 - 13:00
Camila Cavalcante, Maria Stoian, Evie Siddal
location: Assembly Roxy

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Artists as women’s rights advocates: Speakers relate how they use their art to champion women and address injustice and oppression.

From reproductive rights to freedom of expression, from domestic abuse to state persecution, the enduring battles to secure women’s rights are many and varied. Leading advocates for women’s rights* relate the issues they are passionate about, and how they have used various art forms to explore and address injustice.

Our panelists for this event include photographer Camila Cavalcante and graphic novelists Maria Stoian & Una, contributors to Drawing Power, alongside performer and visual artist Evie Siddal. The event is chaired by refugee rights activist Pinar Aksu.

*Our definition of women is of course trans-inclusive. For more information on our values as intersectional feminists and our safer spaces policy click HERE.

This event is part of Edinburgh’s 23rd Independent & Radical Book Fair, which runs from the 14th-17th November 2019. Please follow the link for details of accessibility as well as the bookshop’s safer spaces policy.

The Independent & Radical Book Fair is entirely run by Lighthouse- Edinburgh’s Radical Bookshop and we receive no outside funding. To keep the event running in this spectacular and accessible space, and to make it as welcoming as possible, a third of all tickets are FREE, and the rest are by donation. Please give as generously as you can, either online or at the book fair!

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