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Stopping War in 2019

Thursday, Nov 14 2019
18:00 - 19:00
Tim Gee, Melanie Scott, Janet Fenton
location: Assembly Roxy

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Three leading anti-war activists make a case for a nonviolent world, and the means by which it might be achieved.

This event offers a critique of war, and stakes a claim for the feminist and anti-racist qualities that pacifist and anti-war movements should espouse. Our panellists include Tim Gee, Melanie Scott and Janet Fenton. Gee’s book Why I am a pacifist partly inspired this event, asking questions and posing challenges such as Don’t we need war to respond to evil?

By bringing together decades of experience in activism and anti-war movements, these speakers will help demystify the power dynamics of social change and empower more of us to get out there and act.

Tim Gee is the author of Counterpower: Making Change Happen, shortlisted for the Bread and Roses Prize for radical nonfiction and You Can’t Evict an Idea, which is published by Housmans. He has campaigned with Occupy, Climate Camp, the Traveller Solidarity Network and the National Union of Students amongst others.

Melanie Scott has been active in anti war actions for many years - and with Edinburgh’s Campaign Against Arms Trade (CAAT) for over 5 years. She has a special interest in raising awareness about arms companies in Scotland. Melanie has actively participated in many of Edinburgh CAAT/ CAAT Scotland’s activities against the arms trade e.g. calling for an end to arms sales to Saudi Arabia and their use against Yemeni civilians; protesting arms sales to Israel and other human rights abusing countries; protesting along with a coalition of Scottish anti war groups, against an arms fair in Glasgow in 2018; and taking part in discussions with/deputations to public bodies currently investing pensions in arms companies.Melanie was an Assistant Director of the Student Disability Service at the University of Edinburgh until 2016, and continues to work as a needs assessor with disabled students.

Janet Fenton is an activist, and vice chair of the Scottish Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (Scottish CND) . As an educator she has spent over 30 years building capacity in the community through creativity and self expression to create coherent healthy sustainable responses to the challenges of climate change, militarism, corporations and the attendant structures.


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