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How to be a Marxist - An evening with Martin Hägglund

Wednesday, Oct 16 2019
19:00 - 20:30
Martin Hägglund
location: Bookshop

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Blending Kierkegaard with Hegel and Marx, Martin Hägglund’s This Life offers a new generation of socialists a guide to living a life of radical political commitment. Join us for the Scottish launch of Martin Hägglund’s fourth book, This Life: Secular Faith and Spiritual Freedom!

In developing his vision of an emancipated secular life, Hägglund engages with great philosophers from Aristotle to Hegel and Marx, literary writers from Dante to Proust and Knausgaard, political economists from Mill to Keynes and Hayek, and religious thinkers from Augustine to Kierkegaard and Martin Luther King, Jr. This Life gives us new access to our past - for the sake of a different future.

For more on this brilliant book we strongly recommend THIS review in Jacobin, by Samuel Moyn.

‘Arriving at a moment of widespread intellectual and political disorientation, This Life is a timely, profoundly ambitious attempt to fashion a new foundation for personal and collective existence.’ - STEPHEN GREENBLATT

‘I finished This Life in a state of enlightened despair, with clearer vision and cloudier purpose—I was convinced, step by step, of the moral rectitude of Hägglund’s argument even as I struggled to imagine the political system that might institute his desired revaluation of value” - JAMES WOOD

As part of this event Martin will be interviewed by Anthony Morgan. Anthony runs Bigg Books, a small philosophy publisher and event promoter based in Newcastle upon Tyne, and is editor of The Philosopher, the UK’s longest running public philosophy journal.

Martin Hägglund

Born and raised in Sweden, Martin Hägglund specializes in continental philosophy, literary theory, and modernist literature—ranging across French, German, English, and Scandinavian languages. Hägglund is the author of four books, which engage with philosophers of time (from Kant to Derrida), theorists of desire (from Augustine to Lacan), and modern writers (Proust, Woolf, Nabokov). He has received fellowships from the Woodrow Wilson Foundation, the Fulbright Commission, and the Harvard Society of Fellows. In 2014 he was awarded The Schück Prize by the Swedish Academy and in 2018 he won a Guggenheim Fellowship.

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