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An evening with Blue Diode Poets

Friday, Oct 04 2019
19:30 - 20:30
Tessa Berring & Juana Adcock
location: Bookshop

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Event description\ We are beyond thrilled to host a double launch for two new collections by terrific emerging poets, from Edinburgh based Blue Diode books!

It is well known to us lovers of poetry - both readers and writers - that Edinburgh has one of the UK’s most exciting, vibrant indie Poetry scenes. The fabulous Blue Diode books is relatively fresh on the scene and we are beyond thrilled to host a double launch for their two new collections: Split by Juana Adcock and Bitten Hair by Tessa Berring.

Juana Adcock is a poet, translator and performer working in English and Spanish. She was born in Monterrey, Mexico in 1982, and was brought up bilingual. Split (Blue Diode, 2019) is her first collection written in English. Her Spanish poetry collection, Manca (Tierra Adentro, 2014), explores the anatomy of violence in Mexico and was named by Reforma’s distinguished critic Sergio González Rodríguez as one of the best books published that year. She has lived in Glasgow since 2007, where she also makes music with the bands Las Mitras and The Raptors.

“Juana Adcock’ s Split is one of the most exciting debuts I’ve ever read. Formally and linguistically innovative, Adcock’s poetic dialogues expand the terms of lyric address to interrogate language itself. Here we find both violence and desire at the level of the word, upending the rootedness of power with tremendous skill and captivating authority.” – Sandeep Parmar

Tessa Berring’s Bitten Hair (Blue Diode, 2019) is her first full collection. A pamphlet Cut Glass and No Flowers was published by Dancing Girl Press in 2017. In addition to her own writing, she engages regularly with other collaborative and interdisciplinary art projects. She also works extensively in translation, most recently in Riga, with the Latvian Literature Platform.

On Bitten Hair:

“There is both tenderness and violence in this book—and there is a beautiful need for reality, that undeniable urge ‘to run barefoot/ downstairs// still drizzled with sex or soap/ to quarter persimmons.’ The need for reality gives us strangeness. The strangeness gives lyric, that voice, so delicate and so raw: one feels like one is overhearing a love song in a time when all love songs are in crisis. Which of course exactly this book is. It takes broken shards of our moments, and sings them.” – Ilya Kaminsky.

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