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Spain's Revolution against Franco: Forgotten history for today

Thursday, Oct 03 2019
19:30 - 21:00
Alan Woods
location: Bookshop

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Launching The Great Betrayal: Spain’s Revolution Against Franco-a vital & timely book unpacking a crucial piece of revolutionary history

You are invited to join us for the launch of The Great Betrayal: Spain’s Revolution Against Franco - a vital and timely new book unpacking a crucial piece of revolutionary history.

The story of the Spanish revolution of the 1930s is quite well known to most people on the left, but there is a surprising level of ignorance concerning the events that occurred subsequently. History did not cease with the victory of Franco in 1939.

Alan Woods offers a careful reflection on the fall of the fascist Franco dictatorship, with a strong focus on the workers’ movements of the ‘60s and ‘70s. In the context of a brutal dictatorship, Spanish workers launched a strike wave, which, in its intensity and duration, has no parallel anywhere. There was nothing remotely like this in Hitler’s Germany, Mussolini’s Italy or Salazar’s Portugal.

Woods, in mapping out the successes of these socialist revolts, painfully reminds us that in the aftermath of Franco’s death and the transition to democracy, these socialist movements were betrayed by their leaders. Alan Woods participated personally in the last phase of this struggle and was a witness to some of its most decisive moments. Using a wealth of documentary material from the time and also new interviews with key participants in the events, he tears away the thick veil of lies, myths and half-truths to reveal what actually occurred.

At a time when fascism is again rearing its ugly head, reflecting on the successes and failures of socialist and anti-fascist action, is vital for a hopeful future.

The author:

Born in Swansea, South Wales, to a working-class family with strong communist traditions, Alan Woods has been involved with socialist movements from the age of 16, including being personally involved in the movement against Franco. He has written widely on socialism, notable works including Reformism or Revolution and The Ideas of Karl Marx. He also founded the international campaign Hands Off Venezuela.

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