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Bright Futures Sci-Fi Book Club: The Fifth Head of Cerberus by Gene Wolfe

Monday, Jul 29 2019
19:00 - 20:00
Book Club
location: Lighthouse

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This month for book club we’re reading Gene Wolfe’s The Fifth Head of Cerberus! A novel which is part murder mystery, post-colonial allegory, and cautionary tale concerning cloning and the impact such technologies could have on humanity. It’s the first of three connected novels - so if you love this one you can read more!

“Far out from Earth, two sister planets, Saint Anne and Saint Croix, circle each other in an eternal dance. It is said a race of shapeshifters once lived here, only to perish when men came. But one man believes they can still be found, somewhere in the back of the beyond.

In The Fifth Head of Cerberus, Wolfe skillfully interweaves three bizarre tales to create a mesmerizing pattern: the harrowing account of the son of a mad genius who discovers his hideous heritage; a young man’s mythic dreamquest for his darker half; the bizarre chronicle of a scientists’ nightmarish imprisonment. Like an intricate, braided knot, the pattern at last unfolds to reveal astonishing truths about this strange and savage alien landscape.” __

The book club will be pretty informal in general. Like our other book clubs, Bright Futures will provide a free, friendly and gentle environment in which opinions can be shared and new appreciations discovered. There will be wine, curious minds and relaxed conversation. So come and join our warm bookish group – all are welcome.

(Readers don’t have to buy the bookclub book from the shop, however we do rely on those book sales to be able to keep the event & refreshments free; to pay our booksellers for their time prepping & running book clubs and to keep the lights on. Please do NOT buy your books from amzon, if you cannot afford to buy the book then PLEASE support your local library.)

Book places here.