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Nonbinary Day PANEL

Sunday, Jul 14 2019
15:00 - 16:00
Ely Percy, Gray Crosbie, Eris Young & Kerry Rush
location: Lighthouse Bookshop

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No matter your gender, all are invited to our Nonbinary Day celebration!

Join Ely Percy, Kerry Rush, Gray Crosbie and Eris Young for a discussion of gender, the nonbinary experience, and how being nonbinary informs the writing process. This conversation between Ely, Gray and Eris, chaired by Kerry will consider the trials and tribulations of a life as a nonbinary writer, and how we can use our unique perspective to push boundaries and challenge the status quo.

Speaker Bios:

Gray Crosbie is a queer writer and spoken word poet based in Glasgow. They perform regularly at poetry and cabaret nights around Scotland and have been published widely throughout the UK. Their writing explores themes such as queer issues, mental health and relationships.

Eris Young is a queer, trans writer and editor of speculative fiction and nonfiction. Their work engages with queer themes, themes of alienation, otherness and liminality, and has been published by or is forthcoming from Knight Errant Press, 404 Ink and Jessica Kingsley Publishing. They are also the Bookshop’s Writer In Residence!

Ely Percy is a Scottish fiction writer, a memoirist and an epistolarian. Their first work Cracked: Recovering From Traumatic Brain Injury (JKP, 2002) took the form of both a creative and an academic text; and since then their work has appeared in many reputable literary journals. Over the last fifteen years, Percy has facilitated countless writing workshops, they’ve been writer-in-residence in a prison, they’ve edited a lesbian publication and they’ve worked as a community librarian in an LGBT centre.

Kerry Rush is an LGBTQIA+ creative activist, workshop leader, postgraduate Counselling and Psychotherapy student and a soon(ish) to be foster carer based in Edinburgh, Scotland. They work under the name Positive Change Arts Projects (PCAP), a creative initiative driven by their personal experiences of prejudice, discrimination, social exclusion and social injustice.

As places are limited we have 5 free tickets available for this event! These are intended to make the event accessible to those who are unwaged/ on benefits/ might not otherwise be able to attend - If you can afford a £3 ticket please book one as this supports the bookshop and allows us to save free places for those who can’t, thanks!

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