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Not Your Fault : Support group for survivors of sexual assault

Sunday, Jun 30 2019
16:30 - 18:00
location: The Bookshop

Founded in response to the relative dearth of support structures in the field, Not Your Fault is a sexual abuse mutual support group set up for men and non-binary people. Now the group is expanding and we’ve been able to open up an Edinburgh branch in collaboration with our hosts at the Lighthouse.

For several years the group has been providing a safe, inclusive space to collectively and individually explore and unravel the trauma of abuse, and to build the networks of mutual reliance and compassion that leads us up the circuitous and twisty road to recovery.

This space is for anyone who feels that they will benefit from it. We welcome anyone who has been turned away from other services or doesn’t feel comfortable navigating them e.g. because they are too gendered. We also welcome women who don’t have access to other support services, especially trans women, sex workers, migrants, and women who can’t attend physical support services.

These meetings are FREE, no booking required, just come along. Travel bursaries are available, including Taxi fare.