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Women in Translation: Crimson by Nivaq Korneliussen

Monday, Jun 24 2019
20:00 - 21:00
Book Club
location: Lighthouse

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Our next book is Crimson by Nivaq Korneliussen, a native of Greenland from Nuuk. A story of love and queer experiences, depression and restlesness. The novel was first written in Greenlandic.

“The island has run out of oxygen. The island is swollen. The island is rotten. The island has taken my beloved from me. The island is a Greenlander. It’s the fault of the Greenlander.

In Nuuk, Greenland . . .

Fia breaks up with her long-term boyfriend and falls for Sara.

Sara is in love with Ivik who holds a deep secret and is about to break promises.

Ivik struggles with gender dysphoria as their friends become addicted to social media, listen to American pop music and get blind drunk in downtown bars and uptown house parties.

Then there is Inuk, who also has something to hide – it will take him beyond his limits to madness, and question what it means to be a Greenlander, while Arnaq, the party queen, pulls the strings of manipulation, bringing a web of relationships to a shocking crescendo.”

The book club will be pretty informal in general. Like our other book clubs, Women in Translation will provide a free, friendly and gentle environment in which opinions can be shared and new appreciations discovered. There will be wine, curious minds and relaxed conversation. So come and join our warm bookish group – all are welcome.

(Readers don’t have to buy the bookclub book from the shop, however we do rely on those book sales to be able to keep the event & refreshments free; to pay our booksellers for their time prepping & running book clubs and to keep the lights on. Please do NOT buy your books from am*z*on, if you cannot afford to buy the book then PLEASE support your local library.)

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