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To Exist is To Resist: Black Feminism in Europe

Wednesday, May 08 2019
20:00 - 21:00
Akwugo Emejulu, Francesca Sobande, Jess Brough
location: Lighthouse

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Motherhood and the home, friendships and intimate relationships, activism and community, literature, dance and film: These are spaces in which To Exist is To Resist imagines a Black feminist Europe.

Akwugo Emejulu and Francesca Sobande’s have edited a brilliant collection bringing together activists, artists and scholars of colour to show how Black feminism and Afrofeminism are being practiced in Europe today.

They explore how women of colour across Europe are undertaking creative resistances to institutionalised inequalities, imagining radical new futures outside and against the neo-colonial frames and practices of contemporary Europe.

Deeply aware that they are constructed as ‘Others’ living in a racialised and hierarchical continent, the contibutors explore gender, class, sexuality and legal status to show that they are both invisible - presumed to be absent from and irrelevant to European societies - and hyper-visible - assumed to be passive and sexualised, angry and irrational.

We’re thrilled that Akwugo Emejulu and Francesca Sobande join us to launch the collection in a special Feminist Book Fortnight event chaired by Jess Brough.

The Speakers:

Dr Emejulu is a Professor of Sociology at the University of Warwick, whose work has been widely published. She focuses on political sociology, including inequalities across Europe and grassroots campaigns for women of colour. Francesca Sobande is a Lecturer in Digital Media Studies at Cardiff University. She is the author of the forthcoming book The Digital Lives of Black Women in Britain (2019). Jess Brough is a psycholinguistics PhD student at the University of Edinburgh. Jess is a Black feminist and a founding member of the Resisting whiteness collective, which aims to facilitate discussions of and strategies for anti-racist action.

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