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CALA : Laura Legge on Witches & Womanhood in fiction

Tuesday, Apr 09 2019
20:00 - 21:00
Laura Legge, Alice Tarbuck
location: Lighthouse

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**Laura Legge is a powerful, enchanting new feminist voice breaking onto the literary mainstage with a brilliantly original coming-of-age story: Cala. **

**We’re thrilled Dr Alice Tarbuck will be interviewing Laura to unpack this incantatory tale set in the the modern-day Outer Hebrides. **

A coven of witches in modern-day Scotland scrape out a pagan existence at a farmstead known as Cala.

After ten years of relative harmony, fractures are starting to appear in the coven. Eighteen year old Euna is beginning to hate its rigid hierarchy and its arbitary rules – the women may only speak in Gaelic, must perform certain rituals at given hours, and consume only what they grow or gather by their own hands.

Sick of scavenged seaweed and thin soup, Euna one day goes to beg food from Aram, a local fisherman and migrant It’s the first in a series of transgressions that sees her flee the yoke of the sisterhood to venture into the modern world…

Drawing comparisons to Sphie Mackintosh’ The Water Cure, Megan Hunter’s The End We St, as well as hints of Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale, we think Laura, and Cala are ones to watch!

The speakers:

Cala is the debut novel of the Toronto based Scots-Canadian writer, mining her Scottish roots through language, music, and spirituality. Laura Legge was the winner of the 2016 PEN International New Voices Award, she has been a finalist for the Journey Prize, the Wasafari New Writing Prize, the Sean O’Faolain Prize, and the CBC Short Story Prize.

Dr Alice Tarbuck is the author of Grid, and an academic working at the University of Dundee and the Centre for Poetic Innovation. Her work on witchcraft has been featured in 404 Inks Nasty Women, The Dangerous Women Project, Edinburgh University’s Uncanny Bodies project, and the Fiction and Feeling project.

For those interested in contemporary witchcraft, Dr Tarbuck is hosting a Witchcraft 101 workshop with Claire Askew on the Sunday 7th of April in the bookshop and it’s the perfect precursor to the launch of Cala! More details here.

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