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Unspeakable with Harriet Shawcross

Wednesday, Mar 27 2019
20:00 - 21:30
Harriet Shawcross
location: Lighthouse

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Join us for an evening with Harriet Shawcross, an award-winning documentary filmmaker, as she talks to us about her debut book.

As a teenager, Harriet stopped speaking at school for almost a year, completely retreating into herself. As an adult, she became fascinated with the limits of language and in Unspeakable, she asks what makes us silent. She looks at how those who have struggled to find the words have been empowered to speak, and how finding one’s voice can in itself be a powerful, radical act.

In the process of exploring her own experiences of not speaking, Harriet also travels the world, interviewing others who have struggled to find the words. From the mountains of Nepal to New York’s theatre district she travels the world meeting people who constantly wrestle with language. She studies the work of George Oppen, a poet who couldn’t write a line for twenty-five years, interviews Eve Ensler whose play The Vagina Monologues gave voice to the truths of female sexuality, and meets the founders of The Samaritans who have been listening silently to those in need since the 1950s.

Harriet’s personal experiences are also right at the heart of this story. Her teenage years were a deeply formative time that profoundly affected her relationships that followed, leaving her unable to express how she really felt. For her, the central unspeakable experience was coming to terms with her sexuality, only coming out in her thirties.

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