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Women in STEM: The Confidence Code

Monday, Mar 04 2019
19:00 - 20:30
Book Club
location: Lighthouse

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Welcome to our monthly Women in STEM Book Club!

This book club aims to bring students and professionals of STEM subjects together, to discuss books related to women in STEM, to share views and experiences, to network and to help each other overcome the barriers in the male-dominated STEM environments. It is organised and moderated by Athina Frantzana and her spreadtheword_project. The Women in STEM Book Club is open to all genders.

For our March gathering we will be discussing “The Confidence Code: The Science and Art of Self-Assurance – What Women Should Know” by Katty Kay and Claire Shipman. Join our conversation, where all views are respected. We have cookies, too!

“Throughout the book there are, of course, a lot of comparisons to men, but rather than being a book about men vs. women, it’s a book about men compared to women. The authors never give any indication that men just have a better, innate ability to exude confidence, but rather peel back the layers that make it seemingly easier for them and offer insights into how women can learn the skill without mimicking them. After all, women are women and should be women and shouldn’t try to be men because women are awesome.” (from The Book Wheel review)


Athina Frantzana has just finished her PhD at the University of Edinburgh on women’s experiences in STEM, particularly in the High Performance Computing community. She has organised and participated in a number of international and local conferences and events presenting her research. She works tirelessly towards achieving gender equality in STEM, by taking part in outreach activities, writing articles, and editing Wikipedia pages. Athina and her team have been recently awarded the first prize for their project at the Alan Turing Institute STEM Gamechangers for Equality, Diversity & Inclusion competition. The Women in STEM Book club is part of her spreadtheword_project, aiming to raise awareness and share knowledge on women in STEM matters.

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