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MUSCLE: The Launch with Alan Trotter

Thursday, Feb 07 2019
19:30 - 21:00
Alan Trotter
location: Bookshop

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Alan Trotter’s tremendous debut Muscle is a Tarantino-inspired murderous joyride; think Waiting For Godot meets The Usual Suspects - a hugely imaginative novel that pushes the boundaries of pulp as we know it. It’s clever and subversive and it’s just the thing for a dark, wintry, Edinburgh night.

In a shadow noir city of hoodlums, shysters and crooks, lurk a pair of toughs: _____ and Box. These are the unknowable men who wait for you in back alleys. Men capable of extracting apologies and reparations, of teaching you a chilling lesson, if you happen to have crossed one of their employers.They seldom think twice, and ask very few questions. Until, over the poker table smoke one night, they encounter a loose-pipped writer with wild ideas and an unscrupulous private detective . . .

Drunk on cinematic and literary influence, Muscle is a slice of noir fiction in collapse, a ceaselessly imaginative story of violence, boredom and madness that is naturally garnering comparisons to David Lynch and Kafka.

‘Muscle unfolds like a series of Russian Dolls each more Beckettian, winding and wonderful than the one before. Compelling enough to read it one gulping go.’ Daisy Johnson, Booker-shortlisted author of Everything Under

Edinburgh based Trotter is digital content editor at publisher Canongate. Muscle, his debut novel, was awarded the inaugural Sceptre Prize for a novel-in-progress.His short fiction has appeared in Somesuch Stories, Under the Influence, McSweeney’s Internet Tendency and elsewhere. In 2016 he collaborated with Editions at Play on the experimental digital story All This Rotting (‘mesmerising’ - Big Issue, ‘nauseating’ - Irish Times). He has a PhD in English Literature from the University of Glasgow - his dissertation concerned writers making unusual use of the form of the book.

He also has a very clever website (alantrotter.com) and a very charming dog (Sylvie).

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