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Cover for: Juniper & Thorn

Juniper & Thorn

Reid, Ava More by this author...£14.99Out of stock
  • Fiction
  • Sci-Fi, Fantasy & Horror
  • Fantasy

The last magic practitioners in their small town, and living in house filled with monsters, Marlinchen and her family are both loved and reviled by the townsfolk they work to cure. Their father, cursed to never be satisfied, keeps a tight grip on his daughters; their freedoms, virtues and powers under his control.

But when, chafing at his restrictions, the sisters sneak out to attend the theatre and they hear of two men found dead, rumoured to have been brutally ripped apart, Marlinchen is soon drawn into a situation she never could have dreamed, and that will reveal secrets she'll wish she never discovered. After all, can you ever be truly free from the monster that lives inside yourself?

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