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Meet Eris Young: Literary Rising Star, Lighthouse Writer In Residence

We could not be more thrilled to make our first big announcement of 2018: tremendous local talent Eris Young is the bookshop’s first Writer in Residence!

January 3, 2019
Changing My Mind: Poetry and Radicalism

When I read, I usually do it because I want to change myself. I want to teach myself something new, I want to inhabit a new perspective, or expand my understanding of a genre. And when I write, it’s because I want to create something new: a new take on an old trope, a work that speaks to a particular social issue, a piece of work to give voice to a group that isn’t always heard.

Eris Young - Writer in residence
January 3, 2019
Streetreads, the Bookwumman & setting things right

This is an open letter to the many supporters of Streetreads, its donors and volunteers, and the many readers who relied on this amazing project. Between July and November Streetreads let a lot of people down. I write the following not to shame the organisation that took over Streetreads, but to highlight the lessons that MUST be learned if this vital, and we’ll say it - life saving - project of bringing books to homeless readers is to be sustainably delivered.

December 7, 2018